Buyer Options For Handling An Unexpected Major Repair Post Closing

Dated: 10/20/2016

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Major Repair Discovered Post Closing - What Should You Do?

Q: My husband and I just closed on our first home and three weeks after closing, we have already had five leaks. Our plumber told us we were in dire need of replacing all our pipes which is going to be a very costly job. Is it possible to get the seller to give us money back for this issue since it was something he was clearly aware of before selling? In our home inspection, there were notes made that he was supposed to fix leaks in the basement ( which he did at the time) and have a professional inspect for any other issues and correct them. There is no way a plumber would have missed the condition of the pipes and the tenants who rent our building told us the seller was very well aware of the plumbing problems. They say they constantly made complaints about leaks every couple of weeks. Is this worth getting an attorney over? Or are we at a loss since we have already closed?

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